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About Us

Laundry and hospitality swirled into unison.

Here at L.C.L.S. and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. we set an immaculate standard in all possible aspects. By putting the most cutting-edge technology in the hands of seasoned veterans with unparalleled expertise, we pride ourselves in providing a service as clean as the linens we deliver. Spotless laundry, impeccable customer service and pristine facilities form the values we strive for, uphold and go above and beyond.

Our Green Initiative

Working in the laundry and hospitality industries, we have cultivated great respect and admiration for Nepal’s natural beauty and heritage. It is the foil through which businesses like ours operate and we would be remiss if we sullied this natural splendour. Thus, in order to avoid polluting Nepal’s bodies of water, we follow a so-and-so procedure to treat the water we use. Let us work towards preserving the environment around us and keeping it clean. 

Manohar Tripathi

Managing Director

Mrigendra Pradhan


Subodh Thapa